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Useless psychic knot, blue with a mirror
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Useless psychic knots!

Obsessive thoughts are like knots.

As a child I loved picking up bits of plastic, glass, wood from the beach. I didn't pick up shells! A few years back I regular went river glass hunting… It is a sort of a brain calming activity trying to concentrate as the eye picks up the shine from the wet bits of glass. I then spend hours wrapping them up with bits of string, wire, etc. creating knots.

How much tension do we hold in our bodies? Stress, worry, anxiety form knots and physical tensions. What are we really holding on to? How can we let go? Sometimes it's simple and other times it takes years to undo the tension created by past experiences.
Most of the bits of glass, stones and ceramic are collected from the river Arve that flows through Geneva and throws itself into the Rhône river.
I do love to bring back a few stones from the different countries I visit. You will see some stones from Finland, the Swiss mountains, a coral from Bali and some sea glass from Maine.
The bits of plastic and oddities are mostly collected from used containers or just found in the streets. Some beads are home made, the rest are bought.
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